The Importance Of Choosing Your Supplements Wisely


picture of supplements with the title choosing your supplements wisely

Meet Dr. Maria Rodrigues of Hands of Life, Chiropractic and Nutrition. Dr. Rodriguez has been a great friend and supporter of FITTOSERVE. In Fact, Dr. Rodriquez makes it a point to attend our monthly community group regularly.

It’s such an honor to have someone with such a wealth of knowledge be part of our growing community. Today, we have asked her to share with us the importance of choosing our supplements wisely.

Picture of Chiropractor Maria Rodriquez

It is great to see that many people are seeking to improve their health through supplementation with vitamins and minerals. However, I must say, “buyer beware” and why is that so? You see there is a great matter which has to be taken into consideration and it is digestion.

First of all, we need sufficient hydrochloric acid and you will see at some point your supplements pass whole in the stool, especially if they are in capsule form. Second, most nutrients have only a very short section of your upper intestines through which they can be absorbed.

Most supplements do not even begin to dissolve in your intestine until they have passed the point of absorption. This is mostly due to the fact that they use many coats of pharmaceutical glaze. Maybe you are wondering, why even use a glaze? The reason is because the glaze actually makes the capsule more bioavailable.

Some companies use excipients that give their products a longer shelf life. One of them is di-calcium phosphate, which inhibits absorption of mineral nutrients. Another example is microcrystalline cellulose.

Cellulose is indigestible, but in microcrystalline form the cellulose particles are so small that they are passively absorbed into the blood. There is no way to metabolize or to eliminate the cellulose, so it accumulates in the body to the point it can block small blood vessels. If ingested over a period of years, it can cause micro infracts and thus tissue death throughout the body.

We next have to consider how well the nutrients are utilized or assimilated in the body.  Magnesium oxide is a perfect supplement to illustrate the point of absorption. Magnesium oxide is so extremely alkaline, that it interferes not only with the absorption of magnesium but also with other nutrients as well. Pill peddlers use it because it is dirt cheap and has an unlimited shelf life.

Another example would be vitamin B1. It’s best to use vitamin B1 in its natural co enzyme form, thiamin pyrophosphate, instead of the common thiamin hydrochloride, which is cheap, and has a long shelf life.  Thiamin hydrochloride does not have nearly the amount of biological activity of thiamin pyrophosphate since it is not the active co-enzyme of the vitamin, but merely a vitamin precursor that the human body must convert into the pyrophosphate form before it can be used.

So as you can tell there is a whole lot to consider before taking on the task of self-prescribing when it comes to nutritional products. They are not all created equal. As a Chiropractor and Nutritionist, even I sometimes buy into the false labeling and jump to purchase a product without reading the label and asking questions. I am here to assist you in choosing your supplements wisely.

Dr. Maria Rodriguez, D.C. of Hands of Life, Chiropractic and Nutrition has her office located at 4 Curtiss Parkway in Miami Springs, Florida 33166 305-883-5577. Dr. Rodriguez strives for excellence through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction. Visit her website for up to date information and to schedule your appointment.

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