Low Carb Emergency Food Prep

Low Carb Emergency Prep

South Florida is currently under a hurricane warning, with the entire east coast of Florida under alert. Hurricane Matthew has already left devastation in Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti. Matthew is expected to be at least a category 3 storm when it hits the shores of the U.S.

It’s been over 11 years since South Florida experienced a storm of this kind, so it’s easy for people to become complacent and minimize the dangers. However, a hurricane is not something to take lightly. Just think about what New Orleans experienced with hurricane Katrina back in 2005. During hurricane Wilma we had two major fruit trees uprooted, our backyard fence destroyed and in need of a new roof. The clean-up process took weeks.

Even if we do not encounter a direct hit, chances are many people will still experience power outages, flooding, and extreme winds. It’s moments like these that we are reminded how fragile life really is. Keep those who have already been affected in your prayers.

The aftermath of a hurricane can leave many people scrambling for basic supplies.  Preparing for emergencies is just the responsible thing to do. Which is why a minimum three-day food and water supply is important. The protocol in our home is to pray, prepare, and pray some more.

With that being said, what is someone on a low-carb diet supposed to eat? That may sound strange, since most would argue we should just eat what’s available. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as that. For some of us it’s not a diet but a lifestyle and this means potential disaster if we get off track. Diabetics are at a greater disadvantage, which is why we need to plan appropriately.

Randy and I have not had sugar and high carb foods for close to three years, so a drastic change could have us with major headaches, nausea and diarrhea. Dealing with these symptoms is not exactly ideal while cleaning up after a hurricane strikes.

There are some definite advantages to staying on track even during a crisis. While in ketosis you won’t experience a lot of hunger, have optimal energy and stay clear minded.

I found the following article by Very Well as a great resource for emergency food prep for those of us on a low carb diet.

Please note that some of the foods listed in this article are higher in carbs and are not what we normally include our daily diet. However, emergency foods are just that, in case of emergencies.

Plan ahead, be prepared and stay safe.

Have you been delaying making this lifestyle change because of the transition into burning fat for fuel versus sugar? Allow us to introduce to you a supplement that is making the transition for many in our community. The 4 minute video below explains how it works. You can order your Keto/OS here.

Reach out to us with your questions regarding Keto//OS. We are here to assist you on your journey to wellness and would love to help you get started.


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