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Exercise Tips

How to Start Exercising and Stick to It

Guest Post: Welcome Cara Haley from Comfort Hacks as she shares with us her tips on how to make exercising a natural part of your life. Cara has some tested suggestions that are sure to help you. Make Exercise Part of Your Regular Regimen Active people who have fixed exercising […]

Pruvit Keto N8 Challenge
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Take the KetoOS N8 Challenge And Get In the N8tive Zone

Who’s ready to take the Keto N8 Challenge? Prüvit has once again raised the bar when it comes to meeting the needs of the people.  The Keto N8 Challenge is based around food, movement, mindfulness and ketones.  Signing up allows you to get a personalized program. Imagine the opportunity to be […]

Exercise Tips

A Healthy Guide to Exercising

  GUEST POST: By Dan Chabert The key to fitness success lies in the combination of dedicated exercise and healthy habits. Using this combination will trigger a purely beneficial ripple effect. For those who don´t know what it is, it’s basically a chain reaction. It’s important to feature healthy habits […]

Exercise Tips

20 Fitness Tips To Make The Most Of Your Summer

Guest Post from Breanne Fleat from Protein Promo With summer in the air, it’s time to start thinking about vacation plans, beach days, warm nights under the stars, and family picnics–but it’s important not to lose track of your fitness goals while you’re at it. While summer is often a […]

Fat for fuel
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Running On Fat, What’s Your Super Power?

  He’s been running for less than two years, yet he now has a runner’s blood pressure of 117 over 70, with a resting heart rate of only 47. What’s remarkable is that just three years ago he had to take medication to control his over the top hypertension. Exactly […]