Life Coaching Sessions

DSC_0194Are you looking for a way to transform your diet and gain better health? Have you tried countless other plans without lasting success? Maybe it’s time for a life coach.

Randy and I used to charge an hourly fee to review your diet and help you make the necessary changes to help you transition to a low carb keto diet. We now tell individuals who want our assistance to commit to a two month supply of Keto//OS  . When you order your Keto//OS with us we include our personal life coaching services for free.

Our Life Coaching Services Include

  • Diet Review
  • Weekly Scheduled Calls
  • Meal Recommendations
  • On going Encouraging Support

To start your journey to wellness today reach out to us via the contact page at the bottom of this page. We ask that you contact us before placing your order so we can help customize your plan, based on your needs.

Services Update

Here at FITTOSERVEGROUP we are committed to helping you maximize your health. Which is why we are proud to now offer you Prüvit’s Keto N8 Challenge. Learn how to eat a low carb keto diet and maximize your exercise routines with the industries best.

The Keto N8 Challenge gives you access to these coaches through a private FaceBook group, where you can have your questions answered. It’s like having a dream team of Keto Coaches.

Isn’t it time you get serious about making a change for the better? Let this be the season you invest in yourself. The first N8 Challenge already began stay tune for the next one.  What’s more when you sign up are basically paying for product and getting all this incredible support for free.

Missed the Keto N8 Deadline? Not a problem we will let you know when the next one starts. In the meantime order enough Keto//OS MAX to take for a month twice a day and Keto Kreme once a day. These supplements will transition you into a low carb keto lifestyle easily.

What Does The Keto N8 Challenge Offer?

*Customized keto meal plans, that are unique to each participant and their needs.

  • Delicious and creative keto recipes during the entire course of the challenge
  • Goal-oriented fitness coaching, that is unique to each participant. These goals will take into account where you are currently in your fitness level and where you hope to be.
  • Professional consultations will be made available during the entire course of the Keto N8 Challenge.
  • On-going support to help address your questions and concerns during the length of the challenge.
  • Great resources that will ensure you are gaining the proper education every step of the way.
  • Enough Keto//OS to take the supplement three times per day for 8 weeks. Two Ket//OS MAX and one Keto Kreme.
  • Constant motivation and encouragement from the specialists and community.
  • Personal accountability to help you stay on track
  • Opportunity to collaborate with the participants, so that together you have a great sense of camaraderie as you reach your goals.
  • High-level services will be provided by renowned professionals, doctors, scientists, ketogenic specialists, nutrition experts, fitness trainers along with world-class coaches of all kinds.

Access to a private FB group with all participants and specialists.

Have any questions you want answered before committing? Contact us and schedule a phone call today.


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