Life Coaching Sessions

DSC_0194Are you looking for a way to transform your diet and gain better health? Have you tried countless other plans without lasting success? Maybe it’s time you hire a life coach.

Randy and I used to charge an hourly fee to review your diet and help you make the necessary changes to help you transition to a low carb keto diet. We now tell individuals who want our assistance to commit to a two month supply of Keto//OS  When you order your Keto//OS with us we include our life coaching services.

Life Coaching Services

  • Diet Review
  • Weekly Scheduled Calls
  • Meal Recommendations
  • On going Encouraging Support

We’ve chosen this route because it’s been the most successful tool we’ve used to assist our Community Group in eating a low carb keto plan.

To start your journey to wellness today reach out to us via the contact page at the bottom of this page. We ask that you contact us before placing your order so we can help customize your plan, based on your needs.


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