The Pruvit Keto N8 Challenge

Looking for an all inclusive way to do the keto lifestyle? Pruvit’s Keto N8 Challenge gives you 8 solid weeks of total support with all the tools you need to succeed. Why try to attempt this diet on your own when you can have a proven way to meet your goals easily?

The Keto N8 Challenge Includes

*Customized keto meal plans, that are unique to each participant and their needs.

  • Delicious and creative keto recipes during the entire course of the challenge
  • Goal-oriented fitness coaching, that is unique to each participant. These goals will take into account where you are currently in your fitness level and where you hope to be.
  • Professional consultations will be made available during the entire course of the Keto N8 Challenge.
  • On-going support to help address your questions and concerns during the length of the challenge.
  • Great resources that will ensure you are gaining the proper education every step of the way.
  • Constant motivation and encouragement from the specialists and community.
  • Personal accountability to help you stay on track
  • Opportunity to collaborate with the participants, so that together you have a great sense of camaraderie as you reach your goals.
  • High-level services will be provided by renowned professionals, doctors, scientists, ketogenic specialists, nutrition experts, fitness trainers along with world-class coaches of all kinds.

8 Week Food Guide

A detailed food plan with easy to make and delicious recipes. PLUS, restaurant hacks for fueling on the go.

8 Week Movement Guide

A training program that can be done anywhere without a gym membership or gym equipment. This guide will show you how to optimize your physical potential in any environment for anyone from a beginner to a professional athlete.

Community Access

Tap into a community of like-minded Prüvers that will provide you with the support system you need to stay on track to reach a better you.


Access to a team of expert coaches for weekly Q & A sessions and one-on-one consultations to maximize your N8 Challenge.


As if an optimized you wasn’t enough, get in on prize incentives for accomplishing personal goals.

Video and Resource Access 

If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video is priceless. Take advantage of weekly video demos for the down and dirty of new workout moves, recipe demos, and fitness tips.

Read more about the Keto N8 Challenge here

Access to a private FB group with all participants and specialists.

We invite you to take the free Keto N8 assessment and start your journey to better.

*Feel free to reach out to us with your questions regarding Keto//os and the keto lifestyle. We can even schedule a phone call and coach you for free when you make a 15, 20, or 30 day purchase.

For detail information on which plan can best suit your needs read more here

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