Why We Said Yes to Keto//OS

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Many of you are aware that we now promote Keto//OS by Prüvit. What you may be wondering is why we have chosen to do so.  Like others we were skeptical and wanted to test for ourselves if indeed Keto//OS could in fact put someone into therapeutic ketosis by simply using beta-hydroxybutyrate (bhb) salts. We knew that if indeed this worked, it would be something we would share with you all because it’s our desire to make this lifestyle doable.

Well, to say we were pleasantly surprised is an understatement. Within minutes I noticed a boost in my ketone levels. I had more energy, greater mental clarity, less fatigue and just felt better. Randy too noticed that he was able to work-out longer and harder. His post exercise recovering was also much quicker.

Honestly, we were both a bit stunned since we have been doing a low carb ketogenic diet for several years now. We couldn’t believe we could somehow improve what we were already doing by simply drinking therapeutic ketones. The biggest surprise to us both, was the stronger appetite- suppression we had with Keto//OS.

After testing Keto//OS for a few weeks we realized what a great tool this would be for our community group and those who follow our blog.  Randy and I are always looking for ways to assist people in changing their eating habits. We aim to take all excuses off the table. One of the main reasons I am always creating recipes for you all, is because I never want you to miss a food item to the point that it causes you to get off track.

What We Recommend

Use Keto//OS as a tool to help you get into ketosis faster and to keep your ketone levels elevated. If you are transitioning into a low carb keto diet, Keto//OS will make the shift much easier by avoiding the dreaded ketone flu. Had a slip up on your diet? Use Keto//OS to get back on track so you don’t experience the strong cravings that are difficult to control when you cave into temptation. Is this license to eat junk all day and not change your eating habits? No, no, no!  We would never advocate this way of thinking. Instead use Keto//OS as a will-power booster and make a low carb keto diet a lifestyle.

What We Discovered

Not only is this an amazing supplement that is helping many people gain better health, but that we can now assist more people by simply offering a tool. When someone now reaches out to us for help, our first response is to see what they are eating on a regular basis and then to offer them Keto//OS as an effective aid.

Business Opportunity

What’s different about Prüvit?

Well, for one Prüvit isn’t like a lot of MLM/Network marketing companies, that require you to purchase inventory.  In fact, you can become a promoter and not buy any product. Although, we feel that not using a product you promote makes no sense. It is however, something that is offered at Prüvit.

Prüvit provides each promoter their own unique website for free and they handle the shipping, handling and customer service needs. Prüvit even offers a 90 day 100% money back guarantee. Truth is this is unheard of in the health and fitness supplement industry.

What’s more we now see the real business opportunity in promoting Keto//OS. Although, I enjoy blogging and offering our community group classes for free, free doesn’t pay the bills. It costs money to run a blog and so it’s a win for everyone for us to promote. This affords us to keep posting recipes and tips on the blog and to continue to offer our community group for free to all.

Why Link with Us?

If you have enjoyed the blog for the past two years and want an easy way to support us, become a customer and not only reap the benefits but be a channel of blessing to our family. You can even get your product for free as a customer by simply choosing the Smartship option and referring two customers who do the same thing.

If you are looking for a sustainable business that you can do at your own pace, consider becoming a promoter and join our team. We offer constant support and training.

What’s more, those who are part of our team have the added benefit of using our knowledge in the low carb ketone conversation to assist your customers.  You can even schedule calls with us to help answer any of your customers for added support. (This offer is not affiliated with Prüvit, it’s something we make available to our team) It’s our way of making it easier for you to promote and assist you as you grow your business. (Note: customers must come in with a 20 or 30 day serving of Keto//OS and be on Smartship to qualify)

Contact us today and let’s us show you how to gain better!

Order Keto//OS here

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Watch this 4 minute explainer video and learn how Keto//OS works

Listen to Dr. Mary Newport’s review of Keto//OS


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