Why We Said Yes to Keto//OS


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We said yes to Keto//OS by Prüvit. What you may be wondering is why? Well, to be honest we were quite skeptical if  Keto//OS could in fact put someone into therapeutic ketosis in an hour by using beta-hydroxybutyrate (bhb) salts.  We decided to put it personally to the test.

We were searching for an effective tool we could recommend our Fittoservegroup Community, because we spent countless hours teaching and coaching individuals but not seeing major sustainable transformations.

Well, to say we were pleasantly surprised is an understatement. Within minutes of consuming Keto//OS I noticed an immediate boost in my ketone levels. I had more energy, greater mental clarity, less fatigue and frankly just felt better. Randy too noticed that he was able to work-out longer and stronger. His post exercise recovering was also remarkably quicker.

Honestly, we were both a bit stunned that we experienced these benefits since we had been doing a low carb ketogenic diet for several years. We couldn’t believe we could somehow improve what we were already doing by simply drinking Keto//OS. The biggest surprise to us both, was the strong appetite- suppression we now had. For the first time we were able to do intermittent fasting easily. Something that as believers we knew was important in our Christian walk but struggled to do effectively. We now fast up to three days drinking only the supplement and clear liquids.

After testing Keto//OS for a few weeks we realized we had something special in our hands and that we now had a responsibility to share it.  We are always looking for ways to assist people in changing their eating habits, aiming to take all excuses off the table.  Which is why I  am always creating recipes for you all.  We never want to hear that you can’t make healthy choices because it’s too challenging.

What We Recommend

Use Keto//OS as a tool to help you get into ketosis faster and to keep your ketone levels elevated. If you are transitioning into a low carb keto diet, Keto//OS will make the shift much easier by avoiding the dreaded ketone flu. Had a slip up on your diet? Use Keto//OS to get back on track so you don’t experience the strong cravings that are difficult to control if you succumb to temptation. Is this a license to eat junk all day and not change your eating habits? No! no! no!  We would never advocate that way of thinking. Instead use Keto//OS as a will-power booster of sorts.

What We Discovered

We now understand firsthand how this amazing supplement can be an effective tool to  help people gain better. Today, when someone asks for our advice, our first response is to see what their diet consists of and then suggest they give Keto//OS a try.

We linked arms with Prüvit because we their priority is educating the public on the benefits of ketosis. With the  introduction of the Keto N8 Challenge, Prüvit now offers even more tools to help people succeed. The Keto N8 Challenge   is a comprehensive 8 week plan to help you reach your goals.

The Keto N8 Challenge Includes

*Customized keto meal plans, that are unique to each participant and their needs.

  • Delicious and creative keto recipes during the entire course of the challenge
  • Goal-oriented fitness coaching, that is unique to each participant. These goals will take into account where you are currently in your fitness level and where you hope to be.
  • Professional consultations will be made available during the entire course of the Keto N8 Challenge.
  • On-going support to help address your questions and concerns during the length of the challenge.
  • Great resources that will ensure you are gaining the proper education every step of the way.
  • Constant motivation and encouragement from the specialists and community.
  • Personal accountability to help you stay on track
  • Opportunity to collaborate with the participants, so that together you have a great sense of camaraderie as you reach your goals.
  • High-level services will be provided by renowned professionals, doctors, scientists, ketogenic specialists, nutrition experts, fitness trainers along with world-class coaches of all kinds.

Access to a private FB group with all participants and specialists.

Learn more about the Keto N8 Challenge and take the free assessment.

Business Opportunity

What’s different about Prüvit?

Well, for one Prüvit isn’t like most MLM/Network marketing companies, that are strictly transaction based. Prüvit is out to make a global difference in the lives of people and to bring the necessary education about ketones and their benefits.  This resonated with Randy and I because when we are passionate about sharing the ketone conversation.

When you decide to join Prüvit each promoter has access to five unique website links for free.  They handle all the shipping and customer service needs. So there is no need to have hundreds of dollars of stored inventory.

Prüvit even offers a 90 day 100% money back guarantee. Truth is, this is unheard of in the health and fitness supplement industry.

Why Link with Us?

If you’ve enjoyed our blog for the past few years and want an easy way to support us, become a customer and reap the benefits of our constant support. You can even get your product for free as a customer by simply choosing the Smartship option and having two people do the same.

If you are looking for a sustainable business that you can do at your own pace, consider becoming a promoter and joining our team. We offer constant support and training.

What’s more, those who are part of our team have the added benefit of using our knowledge in the low carb ketone conversation to assist your customers.  You can even schedule calls with us to help answer any of your customers needs. (This offer is not affiliated with Prüvit, it’s something we make available to our team alone) It’s our way of making it easier for you to promote and assist you as you grow your business.

Transformation Stories

The following are some before and after pictures from our FITTOSERVE GROUP Community. They are members who have used Keto//OS as a tool to assist them. We  encourage you to reach out to them personally and follow their health transformation.

Many of those who we’ve included in this round-up are not only customers, but have also joined our growing team to help share the benefits of therapeutic ketones.

If any of their stories resonates with you, feel free to place your order with them. Just click on the Keto//OS link on their comment box to do so.

Check back often as we continue to add more inspiring stories from our community.

Did we miss your story? Please feel free to email ketohealthfit@gmail.com if you want to be included. Randy and I love hearing from our readers the transformations they too are experiencing.


Anilu & Frank Gali are associate pastors at Casa de Albanza in Doral, Fl. They are on a path to better using Keto//OS and eating a low carb keto plan. You can follow Anilu’s inspiring health journey on Facebook  learn how to prepare easy recipes with her weekly FB Live, Anilu’s Keto Kitchen and be encouraged by her uplifting personality. Not only is Frank Gali an associate pastor, but he is a full-time physical therapist. Using Keto//OS has made it easy for him to not only eat healthy but have the stamina to balance it all.  Feel free email ketohealthfit@gmail.com with any questions, as they are passionate about sharing the ketone conversation




Meet Antonio Mansilla, after struggling for years trying to lose weight and get on a path to better health, he was finally able to do so using Keto//OS and eating a low carb keto diet. Antonio has lost over 30 pounds, more importantly he has gained health. His transformation has inspired his family and friends to join him on the path to better. Keto//OS was an answer to this family’s prayers and he and his wife Xiomara are eager to share the Ketone Conversation  this with those who want to learn more.  You can follow his transformation journey on Facebook and that of his wife Xiomara . Feel free to email xderiqui@yahoo.com with your questions.


Allow us to introduce our pastors, Ricky and Yvette Gallinar. After having ringside seats to our personal health transformation, they saw the need to open the church, Word of Faith Global to host Fittoserve Group. Not every ministry would have seen the value of this, but our pastors have a burden for the lost and for those who want to be healthy.  They had attempted to follow the advice at Fittoserve Group  for over a year, but were finding it very difficult to stay be faithful to the lifestyle. It wasn’t until Keto//OS that they were able to do so successfully.  Today, their passion to see the body of Christ whole in spirit, mind and body compels them to share the Ketone Conversation. You can follow their journey to wellness on Facebook , Instagram . Feel free to email ygallinar@gmail.com with your questions and comments.

Contact us to schedule a personal call to help answer any of your questions. Allow us to help you get started on YOUR path to better.

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